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Have you ever liked something not to throw away even if it was not working anymore? There are garages overflowing with boxes of rattletraps and no space for the car because of this feeling.

You can recycle your favorite things to create something new and useful in an ideal world. The most brilliant idea comes from the surprising implementation sometimes.

 About me

I had an average relationship with my bicycle when I was a kid. A 24" wheel size bike was the 1st one followed by a local produced city bike used for several years. Organized a tour to Slovakia with the pals in the high school or having weekend trips but no sign of the future bike fan.

I was looking for new challenges and started to run after teaching aikido for 17 years. Then committed to biking and triathlon when completed the 10th marathon distance. Have designed and have built a commuter bike equipped with carbon belt drive when moved to the countryside from Budapest. The original idea was to recycle the spare parts not used for the bike. I design and develop home decor products inspired by biking sinca that time.

The bike lamp is a side effect of the bike build even though it requires much complicated design wirk than making a bottle opener or a key holder from a gear. There is no challenge in the production of these kind of things. The lamp is an interesting idea with problems to solve during the project. And the evolution is ongoing still...